Time is all we have, and we don’t! did your mind also took a trip down the memory lane like ours did? And if it didn’t, then maybe you should think again. For every person who has been an avid Instagram user, they would remember that this line was once a highly used post caption or almost everybody’s Instagram bio. But here’s a twist, the importance of this line is not only confined to our social media handles, but also plays a huge role in shaping the life of an individual.

Growing up you must have always wondered as to why do your parents keep on preaching the same saying of being punctual, being there on time always and respecting the other person’s time as well. Earlier, we sure must have not understood the intention behind this saying, but now as we are on the verge of or in the process of creating a career, we sure do realise how important is this four-lettered word in everybody’s life. In the present scenario, wherein the world has just become a fast-paced machine, time is actually the thing that everybody wants, but sadly nobody has. We often also come across scenarios which make us regret as to how we should have used our time to make a difference in our lives or maybe would’ve spent more time with our loved ones.

Now since, the above- mentioned paragraphs were dramatic and long enough to grab your attention (at least we hope so 🙂 I think we should move ahead with the main motive. And that is to give you some tips which you can instil in your daily lives to maintain the timeliness of things or incidents. Whenever you’ll enter the media industry, one of the first principles that you’d be taught would be to maintain the timeliness of the incidents and to stay updated. Because, once the time has passed, the news information remains of no use and even if you’ve put in nights of hardwork behind the content piece, it all surrenders to scrap.

And that is why it becomes important that PWE comes to your rescue and provides you with sufficient tips:

  • Planning Ahead: Planning is the most important stage of any process. It works as baseline or a blueprint for how the things are going to be like and how will the execution of things look like. Until you have a solid plan, you won’t have any vision to work towards. Thus, planning your entire month’s/week’s content in prior in the form of a content calendar will help you a lot in saving time and ensuring that the content is being posted regularly.
  • Setting Deadlines: Setting appropriate but realistic deadlines will help you with allotting specific time to each part of the creation process. Following this will help you improve your execution game a lot.
  • Being Aware: Now you can call it cliché if you want to, but trust us, this is highly important for you to know what’s going to work for your audience and what is not. Thus, it becomes primal for you to be aware of the current trends and happenings around the world.
  • Allotting Specific days: Make sure that you allot specific number of days (depends on individual) to shoot your content and then stick to it and wrap the shooting process. Once this is done, you’ll be free from a major portion of your work and now you’ll have ample time to focus on the post-production part.
  • Being Consistent: I don’t think that this is something that you guys need to hear again and again, but then also we’ll remind you guys again to be consistent with your posting. Always remember that nobody has enough time to remember your faces. Until you post consistently and make sure to remind the consumers of your presence, let alone the consumers, but even the platform will forget you.

Well, these were some tips crafted specially for you. Timeliness is highly important and it indeed is a sad reality that nobody has it enough to remember things. Therefore, make sure that you respect each and everyone’s time and ensure timeliness in not only content creation but also different aspect of your lives. After all, time is all we have, and we don’t!

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