Our Founder

Naved Khan, widely recognized as RJ Naved, is an acclaimed Indian radio host who rose to prominence with his show “Dr. Love,” where he cleverly tackled people’s issues with humor and insight. He later hosted several other successful shows like “Sunset Samosa,” “Bumper to Bumper,” and “Total Filmy,” but it was “Dilli ka Don” that truly captivated audiences. Over the years, Naved has received numerous prestigious accolades, including the New York Radio Award for Best On-Air Humorous Personality, the National Television Award for “2G,” the Indian Icon Award, the Golden Mic RJ of the Year Award, and the Best Radio Sparkler: IRF Award.

With an immense online following, Naved boasts over 8.9 million Facebook followers, 3.85 million subscribers on YouTube, and 6.4 million Instagram followers. He’s cherished as an internet sensation who effortlessly brings laughter to his audience.