Have you noticed a trend in the recent years around you? Now, I am sure you might have noticed it but are not able to recall. Just dig a little a deeper and you’ll be able to notice a common pattern in it, and the pattern is the fact that everything that we are consuming nowadays, be it, food items, clothes, be it content or be it a thing such as salt, is being produced according to the needs and the demands of the ‘consumers’.
Long gone are the days, where the producers used to enforce their dictatorship in terms of the production and the things being produced were not according to what the consumers wanted, but what the producers wanted to produce.

Now, is the era of ‘Consumer is the king’ mindset. And specially in age driven by technology, where almost everything seems so accessible, production of things according to the consumers has become really easy. Additionally, the requirement and the demands of the consumers has increased as well.

Since, it applies to every aspect of our lives, being a content creator it becomes our primary duty to make content which leaves a great impact on the minds of our target audience.

Our target audience is the final destination of the content. So, this becomes the stage which decides whether the hard work that we’ve put in is even worth it or not? So rather than going through all this anticipation, let’s make our lives easier by understanding what the TA wants, and start producing our content in that direction. Every niche’s TA is different so it becomes important to identify your TA in the first place. There can be many ways of identifying it. Firstly, you can go through the insights of your page. It can tell you a lot about how you as a creator are performing on a specific platform, what is kind of content that your audience is enjoying the most, and what all are the below average performing content.

The insights also differ from platform to platform. On some platforms your one type of content would be doing well, while on the other platform it may not. So, a regular tracking of your insights can help you boost as a creator at a faster pace.

Once you’ve identified the niche, start identifying your target audience. Go through your comments, the demographics, and the geographics of the comments and you’ll have a clear picture in front of yourself.

Now you have all the possible necessary information with you. All you have to do now is start producing content.

But do remember, that being a creator is not only confined to just creating the content and leaving it like that. It also goes beyond to the extent of interacting with your audiences, maintaining a balance between their choices and your vision and also making them realise that you are grateful for their support.

This concept of ‘consumer is the king’ will not diminish anytime soon, but will keep on growing for a long time. If you want to ensure your success, just remember to make content according to your audiences, and doing it so in a creative and out-of-the box way, and all you’ll receive is a growing consumer base and fame in your chosen field.

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